A note on how I generate publication page programmatically

This site was built around September 2019. Two months before then, I knew absolutely nothing about Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Now I can say I know something about HTML and CSS and still too little about Javascript.

Ever wondering is it possible embed scientific python codes and let user interact with it directly in your website? In this post, I demonstrate how to use Pyodide to execute python code inside the browser using an example of 2D random walker.

In this post, I will show how to use the API provided by Netlify CMS to give the preview pane the ability to render math expression and highlighting syntax. The post has three parts 1) How to write a simple React component 2) How to use markdown-it and prism.js in the template, and 3) How to pre-…

This note is about an extreme simple exercise of using express.js and axios. The purpose of this exercise is to learn the basic concept of express.js and axios.First, I create a simple express server, and secondly, I use axios to make http call to the server created.